Music school - singer songwriter sings and plays guitar on stage during a performance.

Katrina Pfitzner School of Voice

The music school aspiring musicians & emerging artists call home.

Private Music Lessons

Private, one-to-one music lessons for aspiring musicians & emerging artists.

Voice Lessons

Pro voice lessons for singers and all musicians.

Guitar Lessons

Pro guitar lessons for singers & guitarists. Acoustic & electric guitar.

Piano Lessons

Pro piano and keyboard lessons for all musicians. Piano & keyboard.


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Made for Singers.

Voice Lessons from the Singing Pros!

Learn more about professional private voice lessons.

Music Lessons

Private music lessons in any instrument!

One-to-one guidance & musical instruction.

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The Southeast’ singing pros!

From Atlanta to Charlotte!

Katrina Pfitzner at The School of Voice. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, with studios across the Southeast!

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