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Piano & Keyboard

One-to-One Guidance

Learn to play piano. Discover the piano. Gain control. Private piano lessons from a mentor in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Keyboard Lessons or Piano Lessons

Grow as a pianist, week after week. Through to the big audition, get the inspiration you need. Private piano instruction and piano lessons inspire success!

Piano Lessons in Greensboro

Greensboro’s premiere piano lessons provider! Learn like a pro. Develop the confidence for those once in a lifetime opportunities.

Greensboro’s Piano Lessons Community!

Learn to play piano, for beginners to pros! Learn what it takes to be a star, one-to-one with Greensboro’s expert piano teachers.

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Piano Lessons Greensboro

A team of piano professions in Greensboro specialized in Piano Lessons. Experts in Piano, Voice, Guitar, and other Music Lessons.

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Greensboro Piano Lesson studios for Piano Lessons in Greensboro, NC.

Professional private piano instruction

More students trust Katrina Pfitzner for Piano Lessons in Greensboro than any other provider. It’s that simple. 


Work every week with a professional Certified Piano Instructor. Learn piano from beginner to advanced levels.

More than a Piano Teacher

A network and community of support! Get more than a traditional single Piano Teacher can provide.

Certified Piano Teachers

Qualified, hand-picked, and expert-matched to your goals. Find your next Piano Teacher. Experienced Piano educators, performers, and coaches.

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